Jon C. Garito, Ph.D.

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Jon C. Garito is the founder and CEO of LifeSciences Technology, Inc. (LST), a company whose primary mission is to help doctors turn their brilliant ideas into exciting, and often life-saving, new products. Prior to starting LST, Jon was the President and Co-Owner of Ellman International, Inc., and Ellman Innovations, where over the course of 35 years he took a small dental company and turned it into an international medical device developer, manufacturer, and marketer. After selling his interest in Ellman in February 2008, Jon decided that he wanted to leverage his years of business experience to help executives uncover insightful and practical solutions to everyday leadership challenges, which resulted in the creation of LST. In addition to helping to develop product inventions, LST also provides consulting services for "C-level" medical device industry executives, offering both onsite and offsite coaching.

Jon is no stranger to the process that takes a great idea and transforms it into a profitable invention. In fact, Jon's inventions have led to 150 U.S. and international patents in the field of radiofrequency devices and RF accessories. Although many of these patents were assigned to Ellman International, Elliquence, Davol and Covidien as part of the sale of Ellman, Jon remains the inventor or co-inventor. Because he has been through the methods many times with his regulatory teams, Jon can offer insight, helping clients successfully steer medical products through the FDA, CE and international regulatory processes.

Jon has earned an enviable reputation as both a master inventor and a master marketer. He has brought innovative medical devices powered by Ellman RF technology into both the veterinary market and the human medical market, enhancing the fields of dental and oral surgery, gynecology, oculoplastics, dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, family practice, otolaryngology, craniofacial, spine and neurosurgery. Jon’s leadership of Ellman included developing and overseeing a domestic and international sales team, expanding and overseeing dealers in over 60 countries and directing the exhibition of RF products at over 150 U.S. and International Healthcare Congresses each year.

What Jon is perhaps best known for is directing the launch of hundreds of successful and profitable surgical RF products, making many surgical procedures safer and more efficient. Jon’s most significant contribution to the medical device market was the introduction of the 4-megahertz Radiowave Radiosurgery device and its wide range of radiofrequency (RF) accessories. One notable use of his novel radiowave surgical technology was its exclusive use by Dr. James Goodrich and Dr. David Staffenberg at Montefiore Medical Center in New York for the successful separation of human conjoined twins. Another remarkable surgical case that appeared on the world stage was Peru's "Mermaid Girl,”where Dr. Luis Rubio at the Solidarity Hospital in Lima, Peru used Jon’s patented Radiowave 4 megahertz device to successfully separate the legs of this one-year-old girl. These noteworthy surgeries, and hundreds of thousands of other surgical procedures performed worldwide, would not have been possible without the radiofrequency technology developed, patented and marketed by Jon C. Garito.

Jon continues to be a leader in the area of radiofrequency devices, regularly assisting physician, veterinarian, and dentist authors in reviewing their manuscripts on Radiofrequency topics. His current professional memberships include Medical Device Manufacturers Association, AAMI, Neuroscience Manufacturers Association, Biomedical Engineers Association and the New York Society of Professional Inventors. Jon is available to assist Doctors and Medical Device companies with their intellectual property and related pursuits in a wide variety of surgical products and markets.

When Jon isn’t busy creating new medical marvels, he keeps on the move with an impressive array of athletic activities including cardio and weight training, skiing, basketball, racquetball, tennis, speedboat racing, and ocean sailing on Hobie Cats.